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These calculations are based on acceptable quality for the above print sizes, viewed from approximately 13 inches.
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Following are Hyperfocal Distance and Circle of Confusion calculations using standard 35mm format;

Since a normal human eye can resolve 5 lines per millimetre at a distance of 25cm, and the diagonal measurement of a 7 x 11 print (for an uncropped 35mm frame) is 330mm, then;

Diagonal of print in millimetres
Diagonal of film format in millimetres
x 5 = Resolution Factor

35mm film's diagonal measurement is 43mm, therefore the Resolution Factor = 38.372

Resolution Factor
= Circle of Confusion

The Resolution Factor enables us to calculate the Circle of Confusion of .026 for 35mm.

Focal Length 2

Circle of Confusion per Format x Aperture
= Hyperfocal Distance

The Circle of Confusion for 35mm is .026, so if your 35mm format lens has a focal length of 50mm and the aperture is set to f8, then the Hyperfocal distance is 12019mm (12 meters or approximately 39.4 feet).

So, if you're using a 35mm camera with a 50mm lens and you set your aperture to f8 and your focus to
39.4 feet (or 12 meters), subjects that are between half this distance (19.7 feet or 6 meters) and infinity,
will be acceptably sharp on a 7 x 11 print.

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